Concept Creation
Creative Direction
Design Direction
User Experience Design
The All-Star Weekend is an annual extravaganza for the basketball community and the perfect place to show the love for brand Jordan. We created a social media activation that allowed fans to show the respect that they have for the Jumpman. The biggest fans would be surprised and delighted with exclusive products and access to private viewing parties, where they would mingle with the brand Jordan family and influencers.

The visual art direction for the weekend referenced hieroglyphics and mystical themes. We created mysterious encoded visuals that we made into posters that showed up in real life and in digital. Each piece would have embedded codes and clues that fans would need to decipher to gain access to events and product.

Art Direction
These posters drove the overall art direction, which was influenced by code, and hieroglyphics.

Digital Posts
These digital posts acted as information points for fans to engage with the activation. Fans would be glued to our #TakeFLightNOLA as it was the only way to find out what was happening that weekend with the Jordan Brand.

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