Concept Creation
Creative Direction
Design Direction
User Experience Design
This store was a tremendous effort, with so many incredible people involved bringing it to life. One of my favourite achievements in my career, I was humbled to help bring this store to life. It is Sonos first standalone store in the heart of NYC. The birthplace of Hip-Hop and many other culture shifting movements, this store is in the perfect place. I was all over this stores creation in both the digital and analogue space, but here is a little highlight of a couple of areas.

KeyArt - Mark Stamaty NYC illustration incorporating NYC, crowd, and store facade.

Store Design

Digtal Retail 
The store is primarily an experience space for the Sonos fans and a perfect space to demo the products. Each of the experience rooms has a digital experience that would highlight the key features of the Sonos products.

Experience Films
Sonos products have features that fit seamlessly into peoples lives. For people in the store, we created these vignettes that explored the elements in a fun, entertaining way.

Simple setup
Home Theater
One App

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